Thankyou for going up and above

Thankyou for going above and beyond with your customer service, you have fixed many problems for me and helped more then I ever expected Thanks again Ryan, Pippa, Daniel and David

Alexander John Barratt

Thank you for getting my pride and joy back on the road with no delays and minimal issues.
Your professionalism and sincerity will not be forgotten. Thanks Todd and Crew.

Greg Lund

“Please note sincerely that we really do appreciate all you have done personally for our whole family over the years, far beyond what can be said in the short amount of information the format allows…

Woodvale Autocare has serviced our numerous family vehicles regularly over the past 20 plus years.

Without exception, all staff has continued to be highly approachable and professional in their dealings with us.

The “One Stop Shop” nature of the business, whereby specialized services are coordinated to visit the premises and carry out specific work if needed, provides a reassuring Peace of Mind that when you pick your car up, it is truly ready to go and no further running around is necessary.

Specifically, throughout this period, Todd’s continuing advice and thoughtful concern for the safe and practical management of a variety of issues connected with these vehicles has been impeccable, highly valued and well beyond what would normally be expected. His thorough, detailed communication of any necessary and unexpected work is always in easy to understand language with options clearly explained and provided.

I have no hesitation in recommending Todd and the Staff of  Woodvale Autocare for the consultation on and completion of a comprehensive range of work relating to automobiles.”

Gerald & Gail Stoke

“My wife and myself have known Todd Magatelli through his Woodvale Automotive care business operations for the past 14 years.

During this period we have found his business ethics along with the support of his staff to be of the highest standard.

The service provided has given us both confidence that all our vehicles they have services over the years are mechanically sound and reliable whilst on the road.

We would have no hesitation in recommending his business to any person or business if approached for our opinion.”

Ian M Ottaway

“Woodvale Auto Care has been servicing our vehicles for a considerable period of time now. To just repeatedly offer a verbal thanks each time that you and your team have given good service or assistance with a specific problem with one of our vehicles doesn’t seem to be adequate.  It is for this reason that I am taking this opportunity to formally let you and your team know that I have always been made to feel like a valued customer and been fully satisfied with your guaranteed high level of quality work, good service, honest advice and recommendations.

I have been especially impressed with the fact that you and your team always cast your eye over the entire vehicle/s no matter what type of service is being undertaken and offer insight as to; what should be done immediately or as soon as possible (if something is observed which has possible safety implications); or in the forseeable future and is in general worth noting and recording for later reference. In such instances your dialogue, and listening and understanding of client needs to facilitate budgeting and cost effective scheduling of such work has been valued. Your timely contact and readiness to discuss any actions during a service period is also noteworthy.

Meeting client needs from a transport point of view and provision of a courtesy car if required in today’s busy world has always been foremost in your mind, and also something which has been greatly appreciated and highly valued.

I look forward to continuing my business with you and your team.”

Alison Saare

“I am very pleased to recommend Todd Magatelli, Owner and Director  of  Woodvale Auto Care. Over a period of 14 years our cars have been  serviced by Woodvale Auto Care and have constantly found a friendly ,flexible and personal approach, providing a thoroughly professional service. At all times I was informed of the work to be carried out with discussion as to the approach. Such was the quality of the regular  servicing, one of our vehicles still runs having 600,000 kms on the odometer. I would certainly recommend the company and are confident  you will experience the same satisfaction of service that  I have.”